The Board of Examiners has released the following candidate feedback from the 2015 examinations:

Available sections within the Membership Examinations Section are:

  • Membership Candidate Handbook 
  • Subject Guidelines
  • Sample Examination Papers
  • Membership Application Form

    The award of Membership of the College is conferred upon a veterinarian who is eligible to sit and successfully passes an examination in a given Membership subject.

    Membership of the College should signify the following:

    "The candidate is expected to demonstrate a high level of interest and competence in a given area of veterinary activity. This is judged by that standard of knowledge and understanding, practical skills, attitude, methodology and communication which would make the person suitable to give professional advice to veterinary colleagues not similarly qualified on problems or procedures often encountered or used in general practice, in the relevant area of veterinary endeavour."

    Subject Definition: The content of the examination is defined by both the subject title and the subject guidelines.

    Candidates for Membership of the College should be eligible for registration as a veterinarian in an Australian State or in New Zealand. Council may at its discretion approve a candidate who has veterinary qualifications recognised as being equivalent to Australasian qualifications.

    Candidates must have spent at least four years in a full-time veterinary activity between graduation and taking the examination. An exception may be made at the discretion of, and after application to, the Chief Examiner. However, no candidate may attempt the examination sooner than 3½ years after graduating.

    Candidates who have not had the opportunity of working intensively in a limited field of activity and in a situation where an opportunity for learning from other veterinarians is available would well be advised to prolong their preparation period to six or even eight years.

    Applicants will be assessed on their knowledge and skills at the Membership examination. Performance in the Membership examination is assessed on the basis that the candidate shall achieve a pass mark of 70% or above as detailed in section 12.9

    Although Membership of the College indicates that the member has some expertise and competence in the nominated area, it is important to note that Fellowship is the College qualification that signifies the standard required by those seeking veterinary specialist registration.

    Further information on Membership examinations can be found in the Membership Candidate Handbook.